Design and construction of special machines

DB-Project designs and manufactures special machines to meet the application needs more & ugrave; details.

The extensive experience gained in various industrial sectors (food processing, packaging, automation) allows the customer to be able to rely on DBProject for the construction of turnkey projects.

machines are developed on specific customer needs, providing maximum flexibility & agrave;, both in terms of construction that performance.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting cognitive using the & rsquo; contact form.

modernizations blowers and conversion threads

DB-Project realizes upgrades and conversions dedicated to your blow in use.

Save PET preforms, lighten bottles without changing the design, cut energy consumption continuing to use your blow.

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Design and sale of parts after-market

DB-Project engineers and markets spare parts aftermarket compatible with the original parts manufacturers (OEM), including 3M, Sidel, Krones, OCME.

on this site & egrave; We offer an extensive catalog of parts gi & agrave; ready and classified by manufacturer and machine.

The highlights of our After-Market are:

  • Guaranteed operation with parts 100% compatible with the original component.
  • saving 20-40% compared to the price of & rsquo; original
  • processing offers within 24 hours
  • processing priority of & rsquo; order, according to customer requirements
  • & agrave possibility; discounts based on quantity & agrave; ordered
  • delivery of goods within 24/48 hours for the parts in stock, 2 weeks for those out of stock
  • multiple possibilities & agrave; Search party: for OEM code, by product, by name and type of machine etc.

Consult parts catalog After-Market available!

Reverse -engineering customer request

DBProject has all the resources and the know-how necessary to reverse-engineering of parts and groups on request.

If a particular non & egrave; pi & ugrave; affordable or & egrave; too expensive, consider the possibility & agrave; contacting a DB-Project for a free evaluation of the realization of a piece compatible.

Through advanced techniques of reverse-engineering DB-Project designs and produces for you especially with guaranteed operation as the & rsquo; original (or best of & rsquo; original).

the reverse-engineering is done using methods and professional measuring instruments such as:

  • machine relief CMM Zeiss
  • Micrometers
  • bore gauges
  • Altimeter
  • roughness
  • Durometer
  • dynamometers spring

Please fill out the appropriate form to request a custom quote for the construction & nbsp; of a particular on-measure.

Calculations and structural inspections - Analysis Fem

Using the pi & ugrave; modern computational tools and FEM structural analysis, the components are dimensioned and the mechanical organs critical machine. L & rsquo; analysis with the finite element method (FEM) performed on the 3D model of the piece allows to simulate the behavior of & nbsp; under load conditions provided for the real component, to assess their suitability & agrave; to withstand mechanical stress which will & agrave; subjected to normal use of the machine and to understand where and how to intervene in the case l & rsquo; outcome is not positive.

Feasibility studies & agrave;

DB-Project deals with the realization of studies feasibility & agrave; to evaluate the advantages related to the development of a new industrial automation project.

& nbsp; The purpose of the feasibility studies & agrave; and 'to:

  • highlight one or more & ugrave; architectural solutions for technology and organizational solutions;
  • provide a description regarding the operational implementation of the project;
  • provide an assessment of costs, benefits, risks and consequences of failure to achieve objectives

& nbsp; Thanks to feasibility studies & agrave; there are clear economic benefits and the scale of priorities & agrave; to maintain in the project to optimize time and resources.

Industrialization of existing projects

Thanks to powerful software and capable people we can optimize existing designs by improving performance, reducing costs and time .

the results of tests on prototypes and l & rsquo; cost analysis may indicate the need & agrave; adjustments to be made to the project before proceeding with the series production of the machine.

The competence & nbsp; DB Project & nbsp; pu & ograve; come to the aid of the customer in & rsquo; analysis of the results collected with the prototypes and in & rsquo; identification of interventions pi & ugrave; appropriate.

The technicians d & nbsp; DB-Project are ready to provide our customers with the best solutions to combine high performance with the performance of the product costs more sustainable, proposing the adoption of processes and / or the use of alternative materials, but always ensuring top performance, everything & ograve; & egrave; made possible by a high formation on metallurgy, combined with many years of experience in the fields of machine tools, packaging, etc ..

Relief of automatic machines existing

Among the services that we offer our customers the importance of automatic machines exist that is to control the quality & agrave; and the proper functioning of the automatic machines of a company.

& nbsp; This way you can rely on us for any doubt about your ability & agrave; and possible upgrades to operate in the field of automatic machines exist.

& nbsp; The service offers the possibility & agrave; to trust us, and our team of experts to advise on the need & agrave; to operate an update within your company.

& nbsp; We believe that the upgrade of existing machines, with a possible relief, is a necessity & agrave; for anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of its production and maximize profits, given also the increasing competitiveness & agrave; in the area of the field of automated machinery.

Wiring Diagram & amp; Tire

DB -Project & nbsp; creates drawings and wiring diagrams, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical. offers assistance to the assembly department, the tests of operation and control interventions at the headquarters of the clients.

DBProject uses EPLAN representing the professional tool ideal for those with a major production of fluidic patterns and needs design with a working tool without limitations and with powerful functionality & agrave;.

user and maintenance

DB-Project is personally responsible for creating all the images to be included, from technical drawings to photos inside of instruction manuals, which are manufactured according to European standards.

the instructions we make are designed to meet the needs of the operator for the correct use of the machine, but play also an important prevention and safety for the constructor.

All of the documents that we produce will be converted and distributed to your customers on CD-ROM or via the Web.

technical file

DB-Project develops risk analysis in the field of occupational safety, according to the prescriptions of the DM & nbsp; 2006/42 / EC. The risk assessment can & ograve; be considered part of the pi & ugrave; important technical file and & egrave; targeted to analyze in detail the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, environmental, operating the machine, in order to detect possible sources of risk for the operator and for the machine itself.

DB-Project offers support in management of all the formalities required by law on health and safety at work.

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