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mechanical design

DBProject designs and builds special machines to meet the application needs more details.

The consolidated experience gained in various industrial sectors (food processing, packaging, automation) allows the customer to be able to rely on DBProject for the realization of turnkey projects. know more

After-market parts catalog

DB-Project engineers and markets spare parts aftermarket compatible with the original parts manufacturers (OEM), including 3M, Sidel, Krones, OCME. On this site there is a vast catalog of parts ready and classified by manufacturer and machine.
The highlights of our service:

  • 1. guaranteed working party as (or better) the original component
  • 2. saving 20-40% compared to the price of the original
  • 3. processing offers within 24 hours
  • 4. processing in priority order, based on customer needs
  • 5. possibility of discounts based on quantities ordered
  • 6. delivery of the goods within 24/48 hours for the parts in stock, 2 weeks for those out of stock
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